Security Concerns over the holidays
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It’s the merriest time of the year, but this season still comes with some worries in regards to home security. Southern California homeowners who are concerned aren’t helpless, though; a security system with additional features can help you put those worries on the shelf, and keep them there even after the holidays are over. Here are some of the seasonal security concerns a connected security system can help you neutralize.

Package Theft

Delivery workers earn their angel wings this time of year, putting in extra hours to get all of our gift packages delivered on time. And yet, they aren’t the only ones working overtime every December. Many criminals are “working,” too, by roving neighborhoods in search of packages to steal right off the front porches of innocent homeowners.

Here’s how your home security system can help. If you have a motion-triggered camera above the door, it will spring into action when it detects the delivery person’s movement. By swiping on the video alert you receive on your smartphone, you’ll be able to confirm the delivery and call a trusted neighbor to take it inside for you. Your package is now safe from porch thieves! Again, this is only possible with a system that includes smart home integration and intelligent, connected cameras. 

Vacation Vulnerability

Planning a trip up north, or to visit out-of-state relatives for Christmas? If you’ve ever seen the classic holiday film Home Alone, you know that your trip could leave the house vulnerable to burglars, vandals and other unwanted trespassers. But if you have smart locks as part of your security system, you can lock up the house remotely with your smartphone – and if anyone is coming by to water plants, care for pets or house sit, you can let them in remotely as well.

How about the risks of the home looking unoccupied? When smart lights are integrated with your system, you can program the connected lights to come on when the sun goes down. In the morning, they can be turned off to save energy until night falls again. This keeps the house illuminated all night long, reducing the risk of break-ins.

Then, your system has its most valuable secret weapons: the cameras. Most burglars will be deterred by their presence – but if they aren’t, then the connection between your cameras and the alarm means they’ll be in for a loud surprise as soon as they force entry.

For more information on beating the seasonal dilemmas of home security, Southern California homeowners can contact Post Alarm Systems. We will be glad to answer your questions.

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