Home Security Checklist for Fall
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As summer runs into fall, out schedules change, and you likely have new home security concerns. If you’re like many parents, you work so you’re not always home when the kids get out of school. Here’s a quick smart security checklist to help reduce your stress and worry this fall.

1.     Unique User Codes and Smart Locks

There’s no need to worry about the kids losing their house key or stressing about leaving a spare key outside the house. Intelligent security has the perfect solution. Add smart locks to your security system, and you can give each family member a separate access code to enter the house. You can even set the system to send you alerts when each child enters their access code. With notifications, you’ll know exactly when the kids get home and that they’re safe.

There’s no need to worry about lost keys, but what do you do if someone forgets their access code? Integrate a video doorbell into your security system and tell them to press it so you can unlock the door. Once you’re connected through the system, you can use the smartphone app to unlock the door no matter where you are.

2.     Add Image Sensors

Is your house THE hangout spot for all the neighborhood kids in the afternoon? Now you can check in on the house without being obtrusive.

Image sensors are motion sensors with a camera. Place them at locations in the house that you want to monitor such as the front door. When the kids open the door, the security system can alert you, and send you a smart clip. Then you can verify who’s visiting your kids when you’re not there.

3.     Smart Thermostats Save You Money

The kids don’t worry about the electric bill, but you do. Program your intelligent thermostat to reset to energy savings mode when the kids leave a door or window open an extended amount of time. The system will send you an alert, and you can text the kids to close the door. Once your children fix the problem, the thermostat sets the heating and cooling system back to your preferred temperature.

You can also program the thermostat to set back when you aren’t home and then change to a normal temperature right before you or the kids get home. You’ll save money and stay comfortable with a smart thermostat.

These are some of smart home security’s best offerings. Intelligent security does so much more than just secure your house and keep your family safe. It streamlines household tasks and helps save money over time.

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