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Summer is supposed to be the time of year when life slows down. Unfortunately, that’s hard to do in Southern California. Not only do we have warm (or hot!) weather all year long, we also have demanding lifestyles thanks to a higher cost of living than other parts of the country. So in the summertime, we’re hot, tired and swearing that “next year will be better.” But how?

Here’s our suggestion: Simplify the home. If you simplify the home, you simplify your life. And, we offer a system that can help.

It’s a smart home system.

A smart home system is designed to virtually run the household. Yes, it starts with security products: alarm, cameras, smoke detectors and other life safety devices. All the traditional security products homeowners are familiar with are part of the package. However, it takes things to the next level with “simplify my life” security devices like video doorbells and electronic locks. Plus, the homeowner can control it all from a smartphone app.

But a smart home system isn’t only about security.

It streamlines the household.

A smart home security system is one modern convenience that completely lives up to its name. It turns the entire household into a legitimate smart home. Here are the non-security features it controls.

First, it can control the lights. For busy professionals who don’t come home until the evening, having the lights come on at programmed times can ensure no one ever comes home to a dark house. It can also deter prowlers from acting – because if they stake out the street, they’ll see lights on inside and perhaps be deceived into thinking that someone is home. And of course, the homeowners can turn lights on and off with their smartphone app.  

Next, it can control the thermostat. Homeowners are always looking for ways to use less electricity and save money on what they consume, especially in SoCal. Smart home systems can help with that by giving the homeowner control over the thermostat from anywhere. The app allows them to keep the air conditioning off all day – and then, turn the temperature down an hour or two before it’s time to come home. They can save money and energy with this feature.

For anyone who wants to live life more simply, a smart home security system can be the perfect solution. If you’d like to learn more, contact Post Alarm Systems to request a complimentary consultation. We’ll be glad to show you what’s possible!

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