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Sometimes, ex-criminals have some very good tips on preventing home burglary. It’s always interesting to find out what kind of obstacles burglars and trespassers encountered back when they were “in the game” – those things that would ultimately deter them from attempting to take their plans all the way. Fortunately, we have a few of those things here for you. Without further ado, here are the obstacles burglars hate the most.

Locked Doors and Windows

It sounds simple, right? But think of it this way: One in three residential burglaries are classified as “unlawful entries,” which means the criminal enters the house through an open window or unlocked door. Unfortunately for homeowners (and fortunately for criminals), it’s easy to inadvertently invite unlawful entry to happen by forgetting to lock up when you’re in a rush to leave.

How can you make sure a burglar finds what he hates to see instead: secured home entries? With a home security system that enables locking doors from an easy-to-use smartphone app. You’ll even be able to close your garage door, another vulnerable entry point that may be accidentally left open. And you can do this at any time, whether it’s from the road or while you’re at work. No more turning around to go back home when it hits you that doors are unsecured.  

Occupied Homes During the Day

A smart criminal will watch the patterns of his targets to find out when they are away from home the longest. For most homeowners, that happens to be during the day – but if you work a night shift, that’s even better for him. In any case, the vast majority of burglaries happen while homes are unoccupied for several hours; most of the time, the burglar planned it that way.

When you have a quality home security system, you can reduce the risk of being targeted while you’re at work. With alerts that come straight to your phone, you’ll know about any unusual activity at home the moment it happens. If you have cameras, you can receive video alerts that show you what’s happening in real time. And if someone tries to force entry, your alarm will be triggered and our 5-Diamond, UL Listed monitoring center will send help immediately. 

High-Quality Home Security Systems

Of course! A high-quality home security system is what burglars hate the most. In fact, one study of convicted burglars showed 83 percent of them check for home security systems when looking for houses to break into – and, 60 percent say they avoided a house as soon as they knew a security system was present. The numbers don’t lie; burglars know home security systems work. To learn more about powerful home security equipment and services, Southern California homeowners can call Post Alarm Systems. We will gladly provide a free home security consultation.

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