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Connected video cameras are among the best home security investments a homeowner can make, particularly as a first step into home security. Many times, criminals will avoid targeting a home if they see a security camera mounted outside – and as we’ll discuss in a moment, connected cameras can be lifesavers for household management.

But what many beginners to home security don’t know is that not all home security cameras are the same. In fact, many of the cameras you encounter at retailers are standalone camera sets rather than connectable. True security cameras, like those we offer at Post Alarm Systems, are fully connectable to the home security system. This means they have:

Critical Notification Features

Connected home security cameras have unique features and intelligence that standalone cameras don’t have. One of the most important features is the ability to notify the homeowner when there’s a security event, via a smartphone alert the homeowner can enable on their home security app. Receive an alert whenever there’s motion detected on the cameras, so you can assess whether it’s a true home security event you need to respond to.

Unique Intelligence Features

Of course, not all motion on the cameras is a legitimate security risk. Some of it may be your own family coming and going from the house. That’s where the intelligence of your system comes into play, allowing you to pick and choose the specific events that you want a video alert for.

For instance: Do you really need an alert every time someone in your household moves into camera view? If not, you can customize the motion-triggered alerts for the appropriate cameras and consider filtering the alerts further by time of day, or by security arming status. This will greatly reduce the number of alerts you get, so you can be assured that the alerts you get are worth looking at.

Household Management Features

Then, there are those “every day” events that you do want an alert for. How about when the kids come home from school? With cameras that are connected to the security system, a once-a-day video alert can be triggered when the kids use their unique user codes to enter the home.

Likewise, you’ll receive a video alert when there’s an alarm event – in other words, when the alarm is activated by a possible break-in. The alarm event triggers your cameras to begin recording automatically, ensuring that you’ll see everything going on during a true security emergency. The video clips are also sharable, making it easy to send to law enforcement or post on social media to warn your neighbors.Meanwhile, the agents at our UL Listed, 5 Diamond monitoring center are springing into action on their end as well.

These are some of the differences between connected home security cameras from our professional security company vs. cameras purchased elsewhere. For questions on these powerful home security cameras, contact Post Alarm Systems. We look forward to speaking with you.

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