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If you don’t have glass break detectors in your security system, they might be worth considering. While the motion sensors in your system may be enough to stop an intruder from following through with his plans, consider this: If he decides that breaking the glass on a door or window is his ticket to entry, then the glass break detectors will send him running even faster.

Why would an intruder break your glass?

Why would a criminal intruder break the glass panel on a front door? If there’s a traditional doorknob, many burglars break the glass panel so they can reach in and unlock the door. And then, there’s that oh-so-vulnerable entry point around back: the sliding glass door.

If a burglar or other intruder decides to use either of these as a means of entry, then having glass break detectors in your system can give your household an extra layer of protection.   

How do glass break detectors work?

Glass break detection technology uses sensors that monitor for the sound and vibrations of breaking glass. Effective glass break detection features dual shatter recognition technology, which means it picks up on both the initial blow to the glass (high frequency) and the sound of the subsequent shattering (low frequency). Having this advanced signal processing can reduce the risk of false alarms (a pitfall of older glass break detection). If your system has older glass break detection, then the dual shatter recognition technology can be a good reason to think about an upgrade.

These things considered, glass break detectors can be a good addition to your home security. Southern California homeowners who are interested in glass break detection and other home security technology, call Post Alarm Systems for more information.

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