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We love our expressions here in Southern California. Home security even has its own expression: “the alarm.” Well, times have changed; the home security system is no longer a simple alarm/keypad combo like it was “back in the day” (another great expression!). If your security system is equivalent to nothing more than an alarm that’s connected to the household landline phone, it’s time for a serious update. Your old security system may still work, but it’s not working hard enough. With a smart security system that connects a network of devices together to keep your home secure, you can bring your home security into the 21stcentury where it belongs.

What is the network of devices?

We’re glad you asked. A smart security system will contain motion detectors and sensors to stop would-be intruders in their tracks, in addition to glass break detectors for window/door smashing. These are the components that your “regular” security system most likely contained as well. But it can include so much more than those, including:

Smart Cameras

These can be mounted cameras placed strategically around the perimeter of the home, and it can also include a doorbell camera so you can see who’s there and talk to them through a speaker on the wall. But what’s even better is how you can view the footage. Your smart security system will include access to an app on your phone that allows you to check on the cameras anytime a signal is triggered by motion.

Smart Locks

Lock-and-key doorknobs are slowly being phased out of modern homes, and that’s a good thing. Smart locks only give access to those who know the code for the keypad, and that code can be changed only by the homeowner. Kids can be given their own codes, as can temporary house guests, house sitters, pet sitters, etc. It prevents the worry of lost keys, and you can disable a code for someone you’d prefer not to give access to anymore. It’s just better home security.

Smart Detection

A smart security system does more than protect the home from intrusion. It can also protect the home from costly damage – not just fire, but flood as well. A water detection device in the system can alert you to the presence of water on the floor, so you can send someone to check on possible flooding conditions while you’re away. Nothing is worse than coming home from work, school or vacation to find a flood in your home, and a smart security system can prevent that from happening.

These are some of the most critical differences between “regular” security and smart security, but there are even more. To find out what they are, contact Post Alarm Systems for a free home security consultation.

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