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Some people are determined to save money and install their own cameras, but saving money in this instance decreases the effectiveness of your security system. True security cameras, those directly connected to your smart home security system, are more intelligent and offer features that standalone cameras don’t have. Here are some of the features and benefits:

View What’s Happening Around Your House Any Time from Anywhere

With traditional security cameras, you can only watch the footage after something happens. However, a connected camera lets you view video footage at your convenience, whether you’re home or not. Some examples include:

  • Checking in on the kids- Your kids may get home from school before you leave work, but they still need to follow home rules even when mom and dad aren’t home. Smart connected video cameras let you pull up footage from any camera in the house, like the one in the family room so you can see what video the kids are watching.
  • Night vision– Most smart home security cameras let you see in the dark. Instead of immediately activating the smart lights in your house when something jars you awake, open up a video feed for the cameras downstairs. The infra-red night vision allows you to see what’s happening in the dark.
  • Get an HD 1080p View– Most wireless video cameras provide a clear view of what’s going on because of their HD resolution. 

Receive Customized Alerts to Notify You of Possible Security Events

One of the best things about connected cameras is that you can customize the alerts your alarm system sends to your smartphone. Instead of receiving annoying alerts every time Fluffy the Cat runs through the house, you can customize them to only receive the alerts that are important to you.

You may want to monitor activity on your porch. Set a trigger alert for your video doorbell, and you’ll receive alerts just for that camera. You can even narrow down the alert to a specific time of day or the status of your alarm.

When there’s an alarm, the cameras in your home start recording automatically so that you catch critical footage. This video is crucial in the event of a burglary because you’ll have video footage that you can easily share with law enforcement.

These are just a few features that connected cameras can offer. DIY cameras may be cost-effective, but they can’t protect your home as well as cameras professionally installed.

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